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Beth Handler

Creator Executive Producer 

Hi!  My name is Beth Handler.  


I am an activist producer creating a global sisterhood to empower the women in the world to stand in their power!   

My power has been lost during periods of tragedy and traumas from the death of my twin brother from cancer, the impact of domestic violence, and the struggles to get back up.  

I found my peace by living a life for two, and my Divine purpose of empowering  Activists, Changemakers, and Leaders in my media work.


As a publicist and producer, I have worked in Hollywood and in Washington D.C., to bring the power centers of influence together to help Changemakers to be seen and heard.    


The campaigns, projects, and areas of my focus have included the empowerment of women, poverty and the plight of the homeless who need affordable housing, racial and gender equality, environment clean up, people with AIDS, the problems facing family farmers and ranchers; children with facial deformities, protecting animals, healthy living, mothering the dying, and the care of their loved ones; and helping people to survive cancer.

As an advertising executive and media buyer, I have placed long-form and short-form television media time and created a product called Cableblitz, which placed over 33 million local market cable TV ads for the agencies of top brands and direct response marketers.  


Today, I am focused on liberating the women in the world by creating a global sisterhood, and a network of empowerment programs to help them find their way back to their Divine Feminine power, so together we rise to create an inspiring new world for the future generations.  

May our world be filled with love and peace through the Divine Feminine in us all!  

In honor of my sisters, 

Beth Handler

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