Beth Handler


Executive Producer

Beth Handler is the Founder WE World Media, a video streaming network featuring Changemakers creating a better world for us all.   


The network is scheduled to launch in 2023.  


Beth is a mentor to Changemakers.  


Her mission to live a life for “two” came after her twin brother David's death from cancer when she was 19.


She broke through her grief by hugging over a thousand homeless people and then serving them dinner alongside Cher, Whoopie Goldberg, Martin Sheen,  Freda Payne, and other volunteers at a Thanksgiving Day event hosted by the late homeless activist, Mitch Snyder.  

Beth was coached by Valerie Harper and produced an episode of Geraldo with Mitch and friends Martin Sheen, Jon Voight, Whoopie Goldberg, and Valerie. 


She stepped in to help Mitch with PR, corporate sponsorship, and celebrity engagement building a grassroots movement in Hollywood with Valerie Harper, Jon Voight, Katey Sagal, Jean & Casey Kasem, and others, which resulted in 113 celebrities working together in support of the historic Housing Now! march. 


When Mitch's life was featured in the Academy-nominated documentary, Promise to Keep, Beth worked with PBS to book and produce Mitch's appearances on national talk shows including Good Morning America, The Arsenio Hall Show, and a special segment on the set of Ghosts with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopie.  


She moved to Los Angeles at the height of the AIDS epidemic in West Hollywood and became a volunteer to serve men and some women who were sick and dying of AIDS.  


She delivered meals in the early days of Project Angel Food, the non-profit founded by Marianne Williamson; served at Chris Brownlee Hospice, and helped Louise Hay during her loved-filled Hayrides in an auditorium in West Hollywood Park serving hundreds in attendance including those who came on stretchers and wheelchairs.


Later, she interviewed Willie Nelson and attended FarmAID to help him promote a Farm Bill with members of Congress.  


After 9/11, she promoted peace projects to members of Congress and was a special guest speaker in the U.S. Capitol for the launch of  A World of Women for World Peace founded by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.  


Beth’s web of humanity, coalition-building, marketing, and public relations framework launched the Global AIDS Alliance (GAA). This non-profit campaigning organization addressed the AIDS pandemic in Africa.  


She produced a video shoot for the legendary global jeweler, Steven Zale with supermodel Rachel Hunter to launch his Demeter jewelry line to support Operation Smile and co-produced the Single Mom Planet launch event with its founder, model Neferteri Sheppard.   


Her PR outreach produced a 2-minute Jimmy Kimmel monologue for the Leader and creator of the Great Shakeout, the largest global Earthquake Drill. 


As an advertising executive, Beth created a product called the Cableblitz and placed over 33 million direct-response cable TV spots for brands such as Netflix, ProActiv, Garth Brook’s Anthology, and many others through their agencies.     


In her personal life, Beth raised her son as a single mom after dealing with domestic violence at home and faced 48 appearances in family court over 13 years including a year in the appellate court defending her 3rd Protective Order. 


Overall, she defended 6 legal actions from her husband and former father-in-law in the family, civil, and small claims courts.  


Through forgiveness, she brought peace back to her family.  


In more recent years, Beth served her son's football coach, who was given a stage IV cancer diagnosis with no hope for survival.  She helped Coach Greg Goodyear extend his life using natural cancer therapies until he died in 2021.   


During this time,  Beth met another mother, a traumatized domestic violence survivor named Gabby who had filed a restraining order and faced court alone without an attorney.  


Just days before her first hearing, Beth coached Gabby on representing herself in court. 


From victim to victor, Gabby stood in her power, presented her case, and won court orders for custody and restraining orders to protect her life.  


Today, her passion is to empower the lives of Changemakers to create a new world through her  WE World network 

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