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Transform Fear to Freedom 

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A Path to Peace After

Domestic Violence

Beth experienced bouts of domestic violence over 7 years in her marriage, followed by 13-years of harassing litigation filed by 2 generations, her former husband and his father. 


She represented herself in most of the 48 appearances in family court and defended 6 additional legal actions which included a bogus $329,000 civil case that took her house, 3 small claims cases, and 3 protective orders.  

The 3rd protective order was challenged which opened a new case in the Appellate Courts which she defended in front of 4 judges and won!  


Her journey started in 1999 and ended in 2013 with the Appellate Court's opinion to maintain her 3rd Protective Order. 


After her son was in college and into his life, Beth chose to forgive her ex-husband and father-in-law to bring peace to the family so that the next generation would not carry the curse of domestic violence.   

Beth's destiny as a Domestic Violence Litigation Coach was revealed when she took on the case of Gabby, a mother to 5-year old Emma. 


Gabby was in fear and alone, facing court without an attorney because she could not afford the $5,000 retainer she was asked to pay for the first hearing.  

Just days before her first domestic violence hearing, Beth coached Gabby to represent herself and she won! 


Gabby was awarded a 3-year Protective Order,  full legal custody, physical custody, and supervised visitation for her daughter with the father. 


The father was ordered to attend a 52-week batterer's program.    

Beth found her pathway to peace and is coaching other survivors to stand in their power and begin new lives free from domestic violence.    

Beth Handler is a Domestic Violence Minister & Litigation Coach

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